We are getting into Propagation!

Ottawa Valley HopsĀ being ran by experienced Hops farmers have decided to branch out into Propgation for Hops Plants, as well as Commercial Hop Cone Production.
  1. Rhizomes
    We now sell 1st and 2nd year field grade rhizomes for new growers, existing Hops farmers or enthusiasts.
  2. Potted 2nd year Hops Plants
    Potted 2nd year Hops Plants
    Available this season, 2nd year potted Newport plants are available for backyard growers and home brewers. A lot more likely to survive the winter than a 1st year plant.
  3. Hops cutting
    Hops cutting
    Starting this year Ottawa Valley Hops will be selling cuttings off Hops plants in our own yard. So this year Newport and Super Alpha will be available.