Looking to grow Hops?

Not only is Ottawa Valley Hops a farm of local hops, but a supplier for one of the most important materials for your trellis in any small or large hops operation. 

When growing Hops, to maximize yield it is important to build your trellis structure at a good height.  Another thing you have to take into account is the depth you need to bury your posts, based on frost and weather conditions in your area.

If you have been researching about starting a hops farm or in the process of starting one, you probably know that trellis posts are one of the most expensive start up costs for the operation and ensuring quality/longevity for your dollar is important .


Ottawa Valley Hops sells all our current available trellis poles for $35.00/post

Posts are all approximately 24ft long with a minimum top diameter of 4 inches to ensure proper mounting of cable hardware.

Call 613-298-3146 to place an order.