Cascade is a variety of hop developed in the USDA breeding program at Oregon State University and released as an American aroma variety in 1971. It origi​​​nated from an open seed collection in 1956.

Dr. Rudy (Super Alpha)

Super Alpha Hops provide both bittering and aroma character to beer. It has a moderately high alpha acid content at 10.0%-12.0%. The bitterness is considered clean and crisp, even with its very high co-humulone content at 36.0%-39.0%​​


The Newport is a newer high alpha hop variety used mainly for bittering, that was developed at the Agricultural Research Service (ARS) in Corvallis, OR in 1996.Released in 2002 and has a complex pedigree based on Brewers Gold, Hallertauer, Late Grape, Belgian & Fuggle genetics. Specifically bred to have better resistance to mildews.


Centennial was first created in 1974 and boasts an alpha acid rating of 9.5%-11.5%. It is sometimes referred to as a Super Cascade, however it is lighter on the citrus aromas. Centennial works undoubtedly well in Pale Ales and India Pale Ales, where some bottom line bitterness in beer is needed with the top end aroma.


Chinook hops have a strong and distinctive pine-like aroma and flavor that is not common among other varieties. They are also somewhat spicy with a mild fruitiness similar to that of other Northwest hops (Cascade, Columbus, Centennial), though definitely not as strong.


Nugget’s super alpha acid content, low beta and low cohumulone percentages give it an excellent bittering kick popular in IPAs, Imperials and other super hoppy brews. It’s high myrcene content also results in a green, herbal aroma.